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Hi, I'm Dave


 I am an Elite Performance Life Coach, an Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor, and qualified personal trainer who has a passion for helping people become mentally and physically stronger.

I have a passion for personal development and after 25 years in business, I finally learnt how to control my breathing after decades of breathing the wrong way. The effects were nothing short of remarkable. Myself and those that I have coached have benefitted from:

  • Feeling calmer and less stressed

  • Sleeping better

  • Improved digestion

  • Improved posture

  • Better skin

  • Improved focus and energy

  • Improved strength and fitness           

My children often laugh at me for saying "Breathing will solve that," telling me that it's not the answer to everything -  but just maybe it is!!

I work with individuals and groups on becoming the best version of themselves by developing boldness, clarity, energy, a positive mindset and healthy lifestyle.

Whether it is a personalised breathwork or life coaching program, contact me today for one of my one to one classes or a corporate workshop.


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At breathe2achieve we help you prioritise what's important to you. 


We develop positive life-changing habits and a healthier, happier and more productive life. 

Take control, leave your stress behind and change your life today by booking one of our courses.

Kundalini Yoga Outside



Dave really listens to what you would like to achieve and works with you to get there. He has taught me new breathing technics to improve my running performance and endurance. He pushes me to do better and it’s a fun session. He also sets me homework 😊


I have done a number of breathing sessions and each time there has been a massive improvement in my breathing pattern and quality of breath. Exercises from the sessions have helped me a lot in general life as well, helping to calm down during my exams and improving my breathing capacity and recovery in sport as well. It has been really eye opening so far and has resulted in me adopting a number of exercises in my day to day life. It has always been a really friendly and inclusive experience where I've felt completely comfortable discussing different issues or successes I've had with the breathing and have found myself really enjoying each session. I would really recommend giving the breathing a go as I have found almost instant results and am already incorporating the exercises into everything that I do.



I was telling my partner about the plane journey back and I'm not sure he believes me when I said how calm I was, which is rather amusing. We are flying to Croatia next month so he can marvel at chilled out Janna on a plane. That was the calmest journey I have had for about 15 years.


Loved my breathing sessions with Dave. He really quickly got me using new techniques that have me feeling calm and focused. He is super knowledgeable and approachable. Highly recommend!



After Covid I was struggling physically and mentally to get back to exercise. Through Dave’s encouragement and breathing/ running techniques, I’ve been able to significantly improve from running for just 60 seconds (and hating it) to over 5k (and enjoying it!) in 4 weeks.
A large part of my success has been due to Dave’s coaching around breathing techniques - I never knew how powerful this could be!
He is incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful so whether you are getting started with exercise, want improvement or just need to be stretched/ challenged, I would highly recommend Dave to you!


Dave's breathing sessions have really improved my well being and they are both informative and fun! Since staring the sessions I have noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep. We have also focused on improving my breathing techniques when running. I am now able to run for longer and quicker. I would definitely recommend breathing sessions with Breathe2achieve.

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